Thirty Two Feet and Eight Little Tails of White!

I cut these reindeers out from some old pajama pants and I have soooooooo many! I was thinking they would be cute on little onesies or little girls t-shirts, but then I realized I still have sooooo many so I think I might make a wreath for my other shop  (www.thechicadeeshop.etsy.com)  or I could make a set of pins that have each reindeers name....hmmm my brain is spinning, I am sure I will come up with something. Ha ha!

Hard at Work

We have been very busy creating new product for our shop. It is nice on Etsy to open a shop and slowly fill it up. There is no rush or impatience there. :) This mobile is a special order we are doing for a sweet gal who found she wanted a mobile from a magazine but not the cost. So here we are creating her a one of a kind replica! We decided it would be fun to add a bunch of different styles to the shop. Some of our ideas are hippos, hearts, trains, cars, stars and moons, etc. There will be more pictures as it progresses so look forward to that!

Headbands or Not?

Here we were feeling town mouse and found fluffy feathers, a vintage brooch, and silk to adorn this headband. So easy and fun to make it can be custom made to accommodate your own brooches from home or finds on the web. Should we make some more?

What to do?

Melissa was feeling a little country mouse so she got out her button collection. So many buttons what should she do?

Here is what she came up with. :) Cute little girl bows! They are attached to an alligator clip and sold in a set of two. We have yet to finish them all for there are about 30 styles. We are also looking into having a sweet tempered little girl model them for the websites pics...still int he works. But aren't they just like candy?! Well done.